Daria in ‘Is It Fall Yet?’ (2000)

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Daria in 'Is It Fall Yet?'

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Synopsis: From the hit series “Daria” comes her first movie, “Is It Fall Yet?”, immediately following season 4 of the show. The movie follows Daria and the students of Lawndale High over their summer vacation. Kevin and Brittany become lifeguards, while Quinn and the Fashion Club all get a tutor, David, who Quinn (surprising even herself) has her eyes on. Mack drives an ice cream truck while Jodie is swamped with volunteer work. Daria and Jane have had a fight over Tom, Daria’s boyfriend and Jane’s ex, causing them to go separate ways for the summer. Jane goes off to an artists’ colony where she meets a fellow artist Alison and big-headed instructor Daniel, self-proclaimed genius. Meanwhile Helen volunteers Daria’s service at Mr. O’Neill’s summer day camp, the It’s OK To Cry Corral, with only hoping-to-be-enlightened Mr. DeMartino for company. There, Daria tries to reach out to troubled Link, a 12-year-old version of herself, all while battling self-doubt and slight resentment towards Tom and …
Directors: Karen Disher, Guy Moore
Writers: Glenn Eichler, Peggy Nicoll
Stars: Rachel Anton, Brett Barsky, Corey Block
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